About RYLA

2024 DATES: Saturday 29th June – Saturday 6th July


Willow Park Convention Centre at Eastern Beach, Auckland

RYLA (Rotary Young-Person Leadership Awards) is a week-long leadership development programme for 21-28 year-olds hosted and sponsored by Rotary Clubs in district 9920 (which comprises clubs in Central, Eastern and South Auckland as far as Tuakau, as well as the Pacific Islands of Samoa, Fiji, Rarotonga, Vanuatu and French Polynesia).
RYLA is an experiential live-in programme designed to help young people develop their teamwork and communication skills and fulfil their potential as leaders. This programme brings together a diverse group of young leaders across industries, cultures, genders and ethnicity to build meaningful and effective networks.
The programme consists of a combination of:

  • Presentations and Workshops facilitated by community and business leaders particularly focusing on leadership development,
  • opportunities for the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences in discussion groups etc,
  • open sessions, sport and keep-fit exercises,
  • the opportunity to experience and practice leadership skills in action.
  • involvement in a community activity and with the host Rotary Club.

Successful applicants are sponsored by a local Rotary Club or a corporate sponsor. Regardless of who meets the costs, all candidates must be interviewed and recommended by a Rotary Club from District 9920.

The Cost for attending RYLA in 2024 is $1250 plus GST



RYLA has been in operation around the world for more than 50 years, in which time it has given this award to over 25,000 graduates with many describing it as “The week that changed my life.” Locally, over 110 people graduate from this course each year – here’s a sample of what they have to say:

“Fantastic experience, I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to grow both as a person and as a leader.”

“Awesome, I have to say it was the best week of my life.”

“I loved every minute of this programme, I loved the people, the variety, the speakers, everything!”

“Fantastic, I wish the week would never end.”

“Challenging but hugely rewarding.”

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